Pros & Cons of Luxury Vinyl and Hardwood

Pros & Cons of Luxury Vinyl and Hardwood

Posted by MariRuth Runyon on 21st Jun 2022

With the rise in luxury vinyl prices, hardwood is becoming more popular as the price points are closer. Before comparing these two products seemed so simple. Luxury vinyl was the affordable option, and hardwood was for higher-end needs. Nowadays, technology has advanced to where vinyl looks and feels nearly identical to hardwood. So in today’s market, what are the pros and cons of luxury vinyl and hardwood? At Georgia Carpet Industries, we want to ensure you have all the updated information you need to decide for your floors. 

Starting with luxury vinyl, the main pro is that it’s easy to install. Most vinyl planks click together, so those who prefer the DIY route can quickly lay down their floors. Vinyl is also easier to clean and maintain. Depending on the brand/type of vinyl you purchase, it could have waterproof capabilities, making it an excellent choice for splash zones like bathrooms and kitchens. One major con about vinyl flooring is that the value-added to your space is much less than hardwood floors at current prices. If you are paying within the same price range for both products, buying the hardwood will increase the overall value of your home. Those who plan on selling their homes will have a higher return on investment with hardwood flooring. 

While vinyl is visually close to hardwood, nothing can quite compare to hardwood’s natural graining and shades. Hardwood is also highly durable if maintained properly. Staining and refinishing are possible, unlike with vinyl, if you ever want to update your floors. Another pro of hardwood is its cost-effectiveness. These floors are built to last, and you end up paying less in the long run for repairs and maintenance. The main downside of hardwood flooring is its lack of humidity and water resistance. This limits which levels you can install and where you can put it. Spaces like bathrooms and kitchens risk more damage. Installation fees are also higher for hardwood. 

In recent years, the gap between hardwood and vinyl has been decreasing. Vinyl is looking more like hardwood with the help of advanced technology, and hardwood is being produced to have closer durability to vinyl. Their price points are also closer now than ever before. Deciding between the two can be more difficult. Your main dealbreaker will mostly depend on the price and what you need for your home. Maybe you are working on a smaller budget and know you will have heavy traffic, or perhaps you are looking to invest more in your home. Either way, Georgia Carpet has all your needs covered. Make sure to check out our engineered and solid hardwood flooring along with our endless vinyl options today!

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