Is Dalton Georgia Still The Carpet Capital?

Is Dalton Georgia Still The Carpet Capital?

Posted by Johnny Holbert on 21st Jun 2022

In the 1980s and 90s, Dalton, GA was by far the carpet capital of the USA.  Before the age of the internet, call ads, 800 numbers and magazine advertising were the only avenues to promote carpet in the country.  All this advertising led people to the great state of Georgia, Dalton, Ga to be exact.  Dalton, GA is about 60 miles north of Atlanta, located directly off I-75, the major interstate running north to south through Georgia.  During the Reagan and Clinton presidency, residential home buying and building became increasingly prevalent.  With the residential market booming, carpet became a discounted flooring option for the entire country.  The industry boomed int he south, boasting such great carpet manufacturers such as Shaw Industries and Mohawk.  As a matter of fact, if you drive through Georgia on I-75, you will see building after building, displaying the names Shaw Carpet and Mohawk Carpet.  What made these companies great carpet players in the industry was their ability to integrate the entire manufacturing process under their control.  They bought the yarn manufacturing facilities, the dye houses, the tufting plants, even the truck delivery companies.  Their plan was a success that created thousands of jobs to the North Georgia area.  With this huge play, Shaw and Mohawk started a buying trend that has shaped the carpet flooring industry.  Since Shaw and Mohawk are located in and around Dalton, GA, it just became natural that cheaper carpet prices, and discounted overstock were located in Dalton.  Since delivery charges make up about 7% of the cost, Dalton Ga dealers and even Atlanta GA dealers were pried to be more competitive.  Connector 3, a huge economical hub for carpet and flooring alike, became stacked with building after building of flooring stores, at some points reaching 40 flooring stores on a 2 mile strip.  One of the great carpet stores in Dalton GA was none other than Georgia Carpet Industries.  With this type of competition, dealers battled against each other for business, driving prices to ground level.  After all, a customer could and would walk from store to store to get pricing.  If a customer left the store, there was a good chance they wouldn't return.  I don't know about you, but I'd like to keep  an extra $20 in my pocket for the same product over another store.  So the norm became going to Dalton GA to buy carpet, which evolved into all types of flooring besides carpet.  Laminatewaterproof LVP, tile, and hardwood took over from the Dalton location as well.  Advertising in the magazines, boasted headlines containing the words "dalton" and "carpet" alike.  Store names and logos promoted the word "dalton, ga" even though they werent even located in the state of Georgia.  With the ease of the internet, the connector in Dalton has died down a lot.  Where flooring stores once thrived, furniture and metal shops now settle.  All good things must come to an end, but one thing that hasn't is the great pricing on the connector 3 strip.  Georgia Carpet still holds true to its pledge to excellent customer service and pricing.  The great warriors of the day were the ones that still stood after the battle, and Georgia Carpet still stands.  Cheap carpet, discounted carpet, and overstock carpet are their specialty.

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