Bruce Hardwood Flooring Review

Bruce Hardwood Flooring Review

Posted by Johnny Holbert on 8th Apr 2022

New Densitek Core Under Review

Bruce is one of the most notorious hardwood producers in the US.  They were producing solid wood flooring a century ago.  Bruce hasn't changed its flooring products in the last decade, but has only added to the line.  Bruce is the "working mans wood".  Its priced very competitive, with simple styles and colors that is affordable in most budgets.  Lines like Turlington, a standard 3", 5" oak product, and the frontier hickory, a handscraped hickory, are very affordable and are an upgrade to any home.  It is a discount flooring product.  So we tend pay attention when Bruce makes changes to products.  They have introduced a new new engineered core called Densitek.  The concept is not new, and quite frankly falls in line with similar cores by Shaw and Anderson Tuftex.  But let's look at the core anyways to see what the excitement is about.  

What Is Engineered Flooring?

A traditional engineered plywood core has been in use steadily since the early 2000s.  The plywood core was created to help hardwood maintain stability with moisture changes, since hardwood is affected dramatically by water.  Simply put, engineered floors contain a wood veneer, glued to a piece of plywood.  The cross-ply layers instinctively pull and push on each other, which makes for less expansion and contraction.  This construction gives us engineered hardwood flooring as we know it.  Engineered flooring products are able to be installed below grade (in the basement) unlike traditional solid hardwood.

What Is The Densitek Core?

The Densitek Core that has recently been added to all Bruce Engineered Flooring products.  This core is made up of composite wood fibers that are compressed together, instead of layers like the plywood core.  the compressed wood fibers are held together by glue.  The core is more dense than traditional engineered flooring cores, making it more hard to dent.  In fact, Bruce claims it is 33% harder.  Since the wood fibers are small and glued together, the product is less porous.  Less porous means more water resistance, up to 50% more water resistant.  This is the most important factor.  Because the Dancitek Core is so much more resistant than traditional plywood cores, there's no need to acclimate the product before the install.  The flooring only needs to be stored in the climate, prior to installation.  Just to be safe, I'd recommend acclimation even though Bruce claims otherwise.  

Bruce The Product

Its no wonder why the Bruce name is the most influential in the flooring market.  With superior, simply made products, its designed for any environment.  Bruce grabs the flooring world's attention by keeping colors consistent, and keeping the finish strong.  An aluminum oxide finish gives Bruce's finish an advantage over dog paws and kids toys.  Though it can be scratched, Bruce makes a tough product.  Bruce makes an affordable solid construction called Dundee, which has been installed in hundreds of thousands of homes across the US.  

In my professional opinion, Bruce Hardwood Flooring is an excellent floor for any home.  If taken care of properly, it can last a lifetime.

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