3-N-1 Laminate Underlayment

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3-N-1 Laminate Underlayment

3-N-1 Floating Floor Underlayment

100 sq ft Dimensions: 4' x 25'
200 sq ft Dimensions: 10' x 42'


  • Attached Moisture Barrier with Lip and Tape Strip (No Additional Tape Needed)
  • Suitable for all Floating Floors
  • Non Allergenic and Odorless
  • Ease in Installation - Cuts with a Knife


  • Subfloor must be Clean and Dry
  • Install 3-N-1 with film side down
  • Roll out underlayment with tape strip next to wall. Roll out next row in same manner buttint material close to first row and covering the overlapping moisture barrier. Remove tape strip and secure the overlapping moisture barrier. Install flooring per manufacturer's instructions.