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5 Reasons To Choose Shaw Anso Nylon Over Competition

With such a wide variety of flooring available, buying carpet online can be a little tricky. Trusted brands like Shaw Carpet make it so much easier to find and purchase rolls of carpet. Their quality is unmatched and they have a generous selection of styles to choose from. The Anso Nylon Collection is especially durable and the best choice for inexpensive flooring. While there are plenty of other synthetic options, Shaw Anso Nylon is a more enhanced fiber that is a clear top pick. If you are still unconvinced of Shaw carpeting, here are 5 reasons to choose Anso Nylon over its competitors. 

  1. Durability

When shopping for soft plush carpeting, you look for ones that will stand the test of time. You want soft flooring that will still be fluffy and luxurious 10 years down the road. Luckily, Anso Nylon fits the bill. It holds up in heavy traffic places and has a high crush resistance. Crushing is when the carpet permanently imprints the areas where most activity has been. This carpet is specifically designed to prevent this! Many competitors do not have the same SoftBac Platinum backing that hinders long-term wrinkling like this one.  

  1. Experience

One of the longest-running brands in the carpet industry, Shaw Anso Nylon is a highly regarded and trusted flooring brand. For more than 40 years they have been offering the most extensive warranty packages to prove their quality and care. From lifetime pet-stain warranties to their no-wrinkle warranties, Shaw has all situations covered.  This is what makes the Anso Nylon pet-friendly and kid-friendly carpet choice.

  1. Easy Maintenance  

These durable carpet fibers are coated with Shaw's patented R2X stain and soil resistance treatment. This makes it easier to clean and maintain, giving you peace of mind for spills or dirt. The carpet is specifically designed to repel moisture, saving you from deep staining. One of the most pet-friendly carpet choices, dander and hair lift from the carpet fibers just through vacuuming.

  1. Eco-Friendliness 

While made from synthetic materials, this carpet is 100% recyclable. From the yarns and stitching to the backing itself, every line in Anso Nylon can be broken down to reduce waste. It is also certified by the Scientific Certification Systems for using at least 25% recycled materials in production. Shaw Anso carpet is Cradle-to-Cradle Silver certified as well. This means Shaw’s manufacturing processes are water and energy-efficient, as well as socially responsible. Not only is it eco-friendly in production, but it will also help clean the air in your own household. While other carpets can be known for stirring up allergy/asthma issues, this particular collection is designed to do the exact opposite. These fibers do not let dust and pet-dander embed themselves and spread back into the air. With weekly cleanings, it’s easy to keep these particles gone for good.

  1. Many color/style options

Boasting an extensive line of colors and patterns, Shaw Anso Nylon will fit any and all of your design needs. With so many different textures, colors, and style selections, it will be hard to find the one you like the most!  Colors choices in home decor are an important part of remodeling and redesign.  Sometimes you can find the right durable carpet, but not find the colors that fit with the rest of the color scheme.  Shaw Anso Nylon has hundreds of colors from dark to light, black to white, and everything in between.

After reviewing our top 5 reasons, your decision should be clear! Anso Nylon is on the top of its competition and the perfect match for any area. If you are looking to buy carpet online, look no further than Shaw Anso Nylon Carpet. All the traits of high-quality flooring are what this collection possesses. As a proud Shaw Alliance Member, Georgia Carpet Industries has access to Anso ColorWall Collection, which is an exclusive collection for select retailers.  It is available in-store and online at Call or request a quote today! 


Shaw Anso Nylon Carpet

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