Unleashing Creativity: How Novelty Commercial Carpets Elevate Business Spaces

Unleashing Creativity: How Novelty Commercial Carpets Elevate Business Spaces

7th Mar 2024

Make a big impact on clients, customers and anyone who walks through the doors of your business by installing novelty carpet from Georgia Carpet. In today's competitive world, an aesthetically appealing space can win business, boost productivity and inspire creativity. You can use commercial carpets to create an inviting and innovative workspace, elevating your business to the next level, no matter your industry or niche.

Distinguish Your Brand

Commercial carpets are more than just flooring, they're an opportunity to help distinguish your brand. Choose an exciting pattern that will stand out in peoples' minds or pick a carpet color straight from your company's logo. There are many ways you can use colors and patterns in your flooring to help you make your brand stand out without spending a lot of money on custom-designed carpets with your company's logo in the center.

Add to the Ambiance

A big, open office, warehouse or retail space can feel cold without carpet. Novelty commercial carpets can transform a space and add the type of ambiance you want, infusing the area with warmth, character and plenty of visual interest. Hotels and other hospitality venues have perfected the art of ambiance with flooring that can lift moods and raise spirits.

Carpets with abstract shapes are ideal for fostering creativity while something like Shaw Philadelphia Call Of The Wild Cheetah 54509 Commercial Carpet would be the ideal choice for a spa or wellness center. When choosing a novelty commercial carpet, look for a design that excites you and evokes the right emotional response.

Define Spaces

In a large, open area it can be tough to define spaces. If you use your office space for multiple purposes, novelty carpets can be a great way to delineate without walls or dividers. A change in color or pattern will visually identify spaces as being separate. This helps control public versus private areas, as well as creating improved flow. Visual cues, like patterned flooring, can help guide visitors through your business, making spaces appear more inviting.

Get creative with your carpet selections and try different options for the desired effect. Bright, bold colors and busier patterns tend to get people to move faster through a space while calming colors and more subtle prints can help people relax in waiting rooms and lobbies.

Practical Benefits

It's not all fun and games when it comes to commercial novelty carpets. While exciting patterns and bold colors may appear to be entirely aesthetic at first, they're quite good at hiding spills, stains, soil and other flaws. This reduces maintenance costs and ensures that your business remains inviting and professional, even after an accident.

Commercial-grade carpets are designed to be tough and are made from fibers that can withstand heavy foot traffic. The carpets are easier to clean than many residential options and are overall much more rugged.

Commercial Carpet Tiles

One way to achieve a patterned carpet look without buying a patterned carpet is by choosing commercial carpet tiles instead. With commercial carpet tiles, you can create your own pattern. If a tile becomes too soiled or damaged, it is easily removed and replaced, instead of replacing an entire broadloom carpet. Commercial carpet tiles can be purchased in solids or patterns and by mixing two or more colors or patterns, you can create a custom design.

Shop at Georgia Carpet for the best selection of novelty commercial carpets to elevate your business spaces. Find carpets for hotels, offices, waiting rooms, retail stores and much more, from the brands you know and love. Visit our showroom in Dalton, GA or shop online and enjoy nationwide shipping on qualifying orders.

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