Shaw Floorte Waterproof Hardwood Product Review

Shaw Floorte Waterproof Hardwood Product Review

Posted by Johnny Holbert on 31st Jan 2023

The waterproof category in flooring has been growing in sales because of its ability to withstand spills and sometimes flooding.  Basements, bathrooms, and kitchens no longer pose a threat to realistic hardsurfaces.  But the only answer to the call for waterproof flooring has been luxury vinyl plank, aka LVP.  LVPs are pleasant because they are easy to clean and install, and are extremely durable.  But in the end, they are fake.  Its just a picture of the real thing.  Waterproof hardwood flooring has been gaining momentum in recent years.  Wait!!!  Waterproof Hardwood Flooring???  Yes, you heard me right.  Flooring manufacturers have created a way to produce waterproof hardwood and that's what we will be discussing.

Floorte Wateproof Hardwood Flooring 

There have been a number of companies launch waterproof hardwood but none that have put as much effort as Shaw.  Shaw is a leader in innovative flooring design so its only natural that they take the bull by the horns.  Shaw brought a product to market early on in their Floorte hardwood flooring line called Floorte Exquisite.  This product was nice and performed well, but didn't meet one of the important expectations, price point.  It was rather pricey and so was the next launch, Floorte Magnificent.  So Shaw went to work and just launched the Shaw Floorte Westminster.  

The Basics

Just to list some basics, the Wesminster is a Floorte waterproof hardwood that is 61/2" wide and comes in random lengths.  And to be crystal clear, it is made of real hardwood flooring.  The hardwood flooring is adhered to a mineral core that is completely waterproof.  The hardwood layer is extremely thin but it has to be to resist water.  Water to hardwood is like Kryptonite to Superman.  The top layer of hardwood is coated with a sealant.  This combination of sealant, thin hardwood, and mineral core, creates a impenetrable bond that water can't absorb in to.  This gives us waterproof flooring.  Shaw Floorte hardwood has a grand selection of high rated colors, perfectly matched to top species like maple, pine, walnut, hickory, and oak.  Just a side note: Pine and walnut are adherently soft, but mounted on this mineral core, they more durable.  

Installation is now a breeze on hardwood flooring.  Shaw Floorte Westminster has a locking system and can therefore be installed easily, anywhere inside the house.  The product also has an attached backing, geared to reduce sound and help with unlevel subfloor areas.

Price Point

Now to the best part.  Price point is huge when it comes to flooring.  Most room are over 300 sq/ft and cost starts adding up quickly, especially when doing the entire house.  We mentioned earlier that Westminster comes with a locking system that any DIYer can tackle.  This alone saves you money.  But the general price point for the product is well within the ball game of luxury vinyl plank.  This is huge for the market and huge for homeowners

Now, consumers can enjoy the real looks of hardwood flooring and get the same waterproof characteristic of a LVP.

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