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Magnetic Flooring Is New

Magnetic Flooring Is New

Posted by Johnny Holbert on 21st Jun 2022

The flooring industry has become such a diverse market.  From the invention of laminate flooring in the 90's, to the waterproof luxury vinyl plank category, flooring retailers like Georgia Carpet are finding new ways to sell to the modern family.  A new product that was launched in January 2019, is a magnetic flooring floating system, that allows customers to free-float flooring options in any home.  There's no need to buy expensive glue or nails/staples.  This breakthrough technology is giving the Do-It-Yourself homeowners the chance to weed out expensive installation issues, and giving them controlled comfort when adding floors to their homes.  The technique is nothing new.  The underlayment has a magnet and the bottom of the flooring product has a magnet.  The magnets attract to each other, making a secure bond, yet give the installer the option to re-set the planks or tiles.  Too good to be true right?  Not quite.  MagneBuild is the first patented magnetic flooring system on the market, and manufacturers are storming the gates to land the contracts.  Metroflor, the largest vinyl manufacturer in the world, was eager to jump on board, launching the system in their newest line Attraxion.  Its a luxury vinyl plank and tile line, solely dependent on the magnetic flooring system.

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So what does that mean for the homeowner?  First and foremost is the ability to install new flooring products, inexpensively, without the use of glue.  Adhesives carry VOCs, like Formaldehyde, which can slowly leak toxic compounds in to the atmosphere. Though monitored and documented, the conscience consumer likes as little poison as possible.  With the MagneBuild magnetic flooring system, customers enjoy superb air quality.  A fitting advantage for the design-oriented consumer, is the ability to change patterns and colors at leisure.  Family coming over for thanksgiving dinner?  Just change the accent tiles out and put fall colors in like orange, mustard yellow, earthy browns.  Christmas party this year?  Make every 20th plank into a delightfully merry color.  You can even use the flooring option on wall tiles.  Image designing your own mural, then changing the colors to achieve isolated perfection.  My suggestion - Call Georgia Carpet Industries with your questions about this exciting new product.  Or you can check out the product by the the industry leaders in magnetic flooring, Metroflor Attraxion Deja New