Magnetic Flooring Is New

Magnetic Flooring Is New

Posted by Johnny Holbert on 30th Sep 2022

With the flooring market always changing, sometimes it's hard to keep up with the latest technology, but Georgia Carpet is here to help with magnetic flooring reviews to teach you about an exciting new innovation. Magnetic flooring has become more popular recently due to its easy installation and being featured several times on leading home improvement shows. If you're not familiar with magnetic flooring, you may have some questions about what to expect from the newer product. Here at Georgia Carpet, we want our customers to be educated on all of their flooring options, which is why we're here to give you rundown on magnetic flooring and all of the information you might need before you decide on your new floors. Below are some FAQs along with a magnetic flooring pros and cons list that summarizes what to expect from magnetic flooring.

One of the main questions about magnetic flooring is its effects on electronics. Will it harm my phone? Computer?

No. The magnets used in magnetic flooring are not strong enough to create issues for your electronics. They won't impact pacemakers or credit cards and you don't have to worry about any negative impacts on your health either. While the magnetism in the flooring is low, that does not mean it's ineffective in holding your planks into place. The combination of magnets and the weight of the planks/tiles keep it from shifting or sliding around. It's a safe, simple and effective solution for flooring.

Another question you might be asking yourself is how do I install this flooring? Is it different from any other floating flooring?

Magnetic flooring is a bit different from your typical floating flooring in terms of construction and installation. It doesn't have a click system that you see in a lot of engineered hardwood and vinyl planks, but instead, the backs of the planks have iron traces infused throughout that adhere to the magnets in the underlayment. No glue or adhesive chemicals are needed for a solid hold and a perfect fit. While magnetic tile flooring doesn't necessarily "click" together, you do lay it out similarly to traditional interlocking floor planks. As a bonus, you can easily change your floor whenever you desire and the magnetic system makes it easy to replace a single damaged tile without having to lift an entire section. With beveled flooring, replacing a single plank can be a bit precarious as the bevels can snap, leaving you with more damage to repair. Installing magnetic flooring in any area is simple, regardless of the shape of the space, as you can cut planks to size with a simple box cutter. Out of all flooring installations, this will be the easiest for sure.

You may be wondering, how secure is this flooring? Does it give me the same durability and protection as vinyl or laminate?

The short answer is yes! Even though magnetic flooring is newer to the market, the magnetic adhesion feature is in no way less in performance or strength than other conventional floors. Magnetic flooring like MetroFlor Attraxion is built for commercial use and offers incredible strength and durability. Its planks are waterproof and can withstand up to 900 lbs./PSI. Essentially you can drive a forklift over it with no issues. To aid with waterproofing, you can also purchase special tape for the underlayment to give you more security. The waterproof feature of this flooring is excellent, especially if you ever experience flooding. You simply pick up the planks, dry them off, roll up the underlayment, and once your subfloor has dried out, you are good to put your flooring back. Because magnetic flooring handles water so well, it's often the preferred choice for damp areas like basements.

So what are the advantages and disadvantages of magnetic flooring?


1.) Flooring cost is higher

The magnetic features make this flooring more costly than standard laminate or synthetic flooring. While the actual flooring is more expensive, you can save a lot on installation costs because you don't need to use adhesives and the flooring is DIY-friendly. All that's needed for installation is the flooring of your choice, underlayment, a measuring tape and a box cutter.

2.) Fewer design options

Since magnetic flooring is new to the market, limited visuals are available. If you prefer to have a lot of options in your flooring designs, magnetic flooring may not be the right choice for you. However, there are plenty of traditional styles to choose from and more are being introduced all the time, so there is no need to worry.

3.) Uncertain future in the market

The flooring industry is constantly evolving, and with new products, there is a bit of uncertainty. The next bigger, better thing may come along. Technology could take magnetic flooring in a whole new direction or the concept may never catch on. If you choose magnetic flooring and it is slowly phased out of the market, your floors may be outdated long before their time.


1.) Easy to install

The main selling point of magnetic floor tile is that anyone can install it. It's as simple as rolling out the underlayment and placing the planks or tiles in a layout that suits your decor. There are no adhesives involved and you don't need any special tools for installation.

2.) Easily replaceable

With such an easy installation comes even easier repairs. If a portion of your floor has any damage or you feel like redesigning a little, it's simple to make a change. You can quickly take out a plank or tile and stick another down. There is no need to worry about whether the pieces will click together right or straining to pry out a plank.

3.) Eliminates the need for glue

While not needing glue or adhesive might be seen as an advantage in terms of installation, it is also a plus for the environment and you. Glue and other chemical adhesives can create harmful VOCs that affect air quality and worsen flooring disposal for the environment. Without glue, you get lower VOCs and even save money on installation costs, lowering the final magnetic flooring cost to a competitive level.

Hopefully, we've helped you better understand this up-and-coming flooring. Much of the beauty of magnetic floor tiles lies in their simplicity and effectiveness. The final determination of this flooring's popularity rests on you and other flooring installers. Is magnetic tile flooring something you can see yourself using and loving? You won't know until you try. Check out the complete collection here at Georgia Carpet. We are happy to answer any questions, so feel free to chat with us or stop by today!

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