Is Laminate More Scratch Resistant Than Luxury Vinyl Plank?

Is Laminate More Scratch Resistant Than Luxury Vinyl Plank?

Posted by Mariruth on 14th Sep 2021

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When investing in flooring for your home, you want to ensure that you're getting something cost-effective that's going to last. It also needs to look good and withstand the abuse your family will no doubt put it through. One of the decisions you might be trying to make may be between laminate flooring or luxury vinyl planks. You may find yourself asking: which option is best?

With such similar traits and uses, it's hard to choose between laminate flooring or luxury vinyl planks. As you start your initial research on flooring, you may find that everything about laminate and vinyl starts to sound the same.

There are some similarities between these flooring options, including the fact that they come in styles that often mimic natural materials (wood, stone, etc.) while bringing the price point of synthetic, and they are both highly durable and made for active households.

In addition, these two choices are an affordable alternative to hardwood without the required high maintenance of solid wood flooring. Anything from pets to children and spills can be easily handled when you pick either one of these flooring options.

If you find yourself asking, "is vinyl flooring scratch resistant" or "does laminate flooring scratch," you'll be pleased to know that both of these options are designed to withstand pet claw marks, furniture drags, and whatever life throws at them. That being said, there are a lot of discussions on which one of these really is the best scratch-resistant flooring.

The Differences in These Flooring Options

Being a water-resistant, kid-friendly, and all-around durable style, it is hard to differentiate whether laminate flooring or luxury vinyl flooring would work best for your household needs. The most important factor to determine this is the actual materials of the lvp/lvt/ and laminate. While they are both usually made up of four layers, the composition of these layers can vary.

In luxury vinyl flooring, the layers are plastic. Plastic planks can tear with too much weight being dragged across them and can eventually form dents from heavy furniture. They also are not quite as realistic as the wood-look options. However, luxury vinyl planks are more durable and sturdy to move from above and have nice high-definition visuals.

On the other hand, laminate is a wood layered with a photographic plastic on top. This makes it stronger against long-term wear since it is not plastic all the way through. The plastic layer that goes around this middle wood layer mimics the look of real wood instead of a man-made rendering of how it should look.

Choosing the Best Flooring Option for Your Family

After reviewing these closely related products, the question still remains: Is laminate more scratch-resistant than LVP? The answer is yes! Both hold up against general wear-and-tear but in the long-term, laminate flooring can be more easily repaired. There are many laminate scratch repair kit options available, so instead of replacing whole planks or tiles, you can do spot treatments as needed. This not only saves you money, but it also saves you time and the hassle of having to replace the scratched area.

Another aspect of laminate that adds to its high scratch resistance is its ability to be reshined with specific products/cleaners.

When it comes to high-traffic homes and growing families, investing in the right flooring is essential. Laminate is both cost-effective and long-lasting, so it may be the best flooring option for your family. For all your discount laminate flooring needs, buy from Georgia Carpet Industries today! See us in-store and online at

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