High-End Hardwood: Is It Worth The Money?

High-End Hardwood: Is It Worth The Money?

Posted by MariRuth Runyon on 10th Aug 2022

Deciding to buy any type of hardwood can be difficult; it is a significant investment regardless of the brand or style you choose. Here at Georgia Carpet, we have a wide range of price points for solid and engineered hardwood. Between budget-friendly options and high-end ones, you may be wondering which one is worth your money. One thing to keep in mind is that hardwood is the only flooring that will increase the value of your home. If you spend more on a high-end brand like Bruce or Robbins, typically, there is a lot more option variety. You can choose from all types of woods that will each give a unique visual. If you have a specific look in mind, higher-end brands can offer more to you. They also tend to focus on solid hardwoods, which are what will last the longest and return the most value. High-end hardwood inspires elegance. It's easier to clean and requires less maintenance. Unlike engineered hardwood, solid can be refinished to give it a whole new life. Other high-end brands like Greyne only offer engineered hardwood which allows them to focus on technology and quality. Homerwood has a great selection of engineered and solid hardwood on the higher end. While solid hardwood is more expensive, you are getting the longevity of the flooring. Engineered can also be an excellent option if you are not quite ready to invest in solid hardwood. There is a great selection of high-end brands like Shaw that offer many different designs of engineered hardwood. Mannington is another brand with better mid to high price points if you have a strict budget. In short, yes, high-end hardwood is worth every penny. That being said, it’s only worth it if you are properly caring for and maintaining it. Like any flooring you purchase, you want to make sure you’re cleaning up spills and dirt. For all your hardwood needs and questions, visit or call Georgia Carpet today!

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