DIY - What It Means and Who Can Do It

DIY - What It Means and Who Can Do It

Posted by MariRuth Runyon on 31st Jan 2023

From the rise of home makeover shows and sites like Pinterest, the term “DIY” is heavily integrated into modern vernacular. So what does it mean? To state it simply, the term is an abbreviation for the phrase “do it yourself.” Now the question is do what exactly? Well, usually when people reference this abbreviation they are referring to projects and home improvements. Oftentimes people will “DIY” costumes, decorations, or even modify certain things to make them more accommodating to their needs. This term is universal but it is especially used in home improvement. In order to save money on expensive fixes or odd adjustments, people opt for DIY solutions. For flooring, this is a large factor that comes into play when purchasing. Many customers prefer a DIY option because of the savings they get out of it. Without the cost of installers, the overall price of any flooring comes down.

You may be asking yourself, how do I know I can do it? Is DIY for me? DIY is for anyone who sets their mind to it. There might be a few limiting factors based on the size of the area you plan to floor or your own physical capabilities. In general, all you need is patience and time. There are many videos that demonstrate how to install various floors and carpets so there are no worries if you have never done it before. Manufacturers will often include instructions on installation with the warranty and other information. You might not get the perfect results first try but the satisfaction of completing a project yourself will outweigh the small annoyances along the way. For those looking to really take control of the building process of their home, DIY is a perfect way to achieve it. Even if you are just redoing your old floors, it is still nice to be able to put a little of your own sweat and tears into it. It fulfills a sense of accomplishment and makes your flooring unique to you. Georgia Carpet Industries is here to help you with all your DIY curiosities. We are one of the biggest flooring wholesalers so make sure to visit us in-store or online at

What Products Are DIY

We wouldn't consider carpet to be a DIY product since it takes some high level skill to cut it and seam it, and stretch it. Most DIY products are for hardsurfaces since most of these can be designed with a locking system. A locking system is just a way to lock 2 boards together without the use of adhesives or nails, since adhesives are messy and not everyone has a nail gun. Laminate flooring was the first to be introduced with a locking system and laminate instantly boomed. Most average homeowner could install it. Now, regular Joes could save on the installation cost, making flooring affordable again. Locking hardwoods soon followed which made a huge impact on the flooring industry due to increased sales from DIY homeowners. The most recent DIY product is luxury vinyl flooring. This has contribute to a huge amount of business from consumers who want to upgrade their décor without hurting their pocket book. 

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