Dixie Home TruCor 3DP Product Review

Dixie Home TruCor 3DP Product Review

Posted by MariRuth Runyon on 31st Jan 2023

With so many different kinds of vinyl to choose from, they all start to blend into one massive category. So what makes one particular brand or collection stand out? A lot of vinyl has a similar look since wood and stone visuals are popular but the main aspect is the realism of the product. People want the closest they can get to real wood or stone without the hassle or price. Another major factor that makes a product stand out is its construction. What qualities does it have that most vinyl doesn’t.

Usually, the reason for purchasing vinyl is because of either its price or durability. Most brands market their products as water or scratch resistant. Luckily, Dixie Home’s latest addition, TruCor 3DP checks all these boxes and more when it comes to these traits. Their latest technology digitally 3D prints an image onto the SPC core to produce a sharper, more realistic visual with little to no pattern repeat. The end result is a beautiful floor that is a natural winner in any setting. There are various wood and stone options available, each one unique in its own right. Whether you want cool or warm-toned flooring, TruCor 3DP has a bit of everything. 

TruCor 3DP is part of a new, increased visual and indestructible flooring trend. It features a TruArmor™ Advance Performance Finish, which is a state-of-the-art advanced performance finish. This finish provides exceptional stain repellency and wear resistance infused with an anti-microbial coating for added resistance to staining and odor-causing mold and mildew. Dixie Home’s TruCor 3DP has a composite waterproof core that ensures extended durability against water and moisture. These products can be installed over most existing hard surface floors, as well as structurally sound plywood or concrete subfloors; so floor prep is kept to a minimum. They also have an easy locking installation for those who plan on DIYing their new floors. Dixie Home puts itself outside the standard realm of vinyl flooring by making this collection scratchproof. Those with kids (real or furry) can rest easy knowing their floors can handle it all. The collection has four different styles to choose from, each one with a different plank or tile size. Plank sizes are 7" x 60” or 9” x 72” while tile sizes are 12” x 24” and 12” x 36.” After reviewing all the specifications and what makes this product unique, how do you know if it will work for you? Only time will tell. With such versatile style options and unmatched quality, Dixie Home TruCor 3DP can be the flooring of your dreams. Make sure to check out these designs in-store or online!

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