Inexpensive Flooring

Inexpensive Flooring:  The Key to Getting Quality Flooring at Great Prices

On the hunt for a high-quality flooring that won’t break the bank? Search no more, Georgia Carpet Industries holds the key to all your problems. As one of the largest flooring wholesalers, we emphasize all the great deals we have available. Purchasing wholesale is the best way to find inexpensive flooring. From Mohawk carpet prices to Coretec LVP, we have the best options in discount flooring. While some may be wary of such great carpets for cheap, we can assure that you are receiving first quality flooring.

Straight from the manufacturer, all our products are held to the same high-quality standards. There are no tricks here, just excellence at the best price. This applies to all the items we sell, not just carpet. While our low prices may seem too good to be true, they really are the best of the best. Each product carries the manufacturer’s warranty (unless otherwise noted) so you can buy inexpensive but long-lasting flooring that is covered for any imperfections/damages to it. You can rest easy knowing that any issues that may arise in regard to quality will be properly handled.  Our best interests are for you, the customer. Since we buy flooring in bulk, we have access to the best prices. These deals are then passed on to you. Wholesale flooring is our specialty and we are happy to share it with you. By purchasing through us, everyone wins.

Prices should be fair and reasonable which is what you will find here at Georgia Carpet Industries. If you are looking for rolls of carpet or just wood floor stores, we are the place! There are no markups or hidden fees, just honest prices. Our amazing sales representatives not only work with your budget but help you get the best deals around. They are personal and make sure you find exactly what you desire for an affordable price. Even if you are still unsure about exactly what you want, our representatives and staff can help you narrow down your options. Decisions come easy when worrying over price and quality are out of the picture. We are available in-store and online. Discount flooring has never felt better, we have everything you need and then some! To put it simply, we have the three “great”s. Great service, great price, and most importantly, great quality. This trifecta is what makes our company so outstanding. If you are looking for discount flooring online, make sure to check out our website at


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