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For those looking for luxury and a soft cushion in their step, carpet is a great choice. It is excellent for adding a bit of coziness to any space. You can even find a carpet designed to withstand spills such as wine and coffee and resist soil that family and friends track in.  Carpet is a warm, soft choice for comfort-seeking homeowners or even commercial spaces that need a bit of a homey touch. It also brings an array of styles and colors to the floor. Instead of a painting or other forms of art decor, why not draw visitors’ attention to the wall-to-wall carpet. Here at Georgia Carpet, we focus on value, not solely luxury or cheap carpet. Every budget can find a carpet in our extensive store. You may be asking yourself, “Can I buy carpet online? Is it even possible to order carpet online? How does this work?” Our website is designed to make carpet online shopping easy. You can filter out precisely what you are looking for with a click of a button. We have all the latest styles and can provide you with the best experience in online carpet sales. Discount carpet and wholesale carpet online just became a lot easier! If you still need help navigating our carpet online store, our salespeople are easy to contact and willing to work with you to find the carpet of your dreams. ...Read More


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At Georgia Carpet, we are dedicated to offering the latest styles and trends in carpet and carpet padding.  Our extensive carpet brands and accessories ensure that you can find everything you need to complete your commercial or residential space. We are located in Dalton, GA, which is the cheapest place to buy carpet. People come from all over the country to buy carpet at wholesale pricing.  If you want to buy carpet online from Georgia Carpet, you are always getting the best price and service on carpet and carpet accessories. Companies like Shaw and Mohawk sell carpet wholesale to us, then we pass the savings on to you, the consumer. Oftentimes shipping carpet can be a hassle, and that is why many of our competitors do not have carpet for sale online. We provide standard shipping to the terminal to you, so it is easy to get discount carpet online.

There are a few different types of carpet fibers to choose from when shopping in our online carpet store.  The most popular are nylon and polyester.  Companies such as DreamWeaver and Southwind have devised ways to make carpet stain resistant and pet-proof while catering to the latest carpet design trends and colors. Companies like Mohawk Industries have created fibers such as SmartStrand and Triexta, which are comparable to nylon, but much more resistant to fade, stain, and wear.  Georgia Carpet Industries sends free samples for every brand we carry.  When shopping for wholesale carpet, it's important to ask for samples.  Our carpet online store has been in business for the past 15 years, and we specialize in selling and shipping carpet online.  Search for a carpet style and receive the best price on carpet in the flooring industry.