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Ultima Congoleum Vinyl Flooring

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Ultima Congoleum Vinyl Flooring

Vinyl Congoleum Flooring Ultima - 67413

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Congoleum Flooring Specifications

  • Width: 12 ft.

  • Congoleum Flooring Reinforced with Nylon and Aluminum Oxide

NOTE:  When you buy vinyl flooring online, colors may vary from screen monitor. If you buy vinyl flooring online without seeing an actual sample, we will not accept returns.

  • Antimicrobial Protection´┐ŻContains Silver, Nature's Own Antimicrobial Protection
  • Built-in Protection Against Discoloration from Mold and Mildew
  • Will not wear out - Lifelong
  • Will be free of manufacturing defects - Lifelong
  • Will not stain including stains from asphalt tracking, rubber-backed mats and common household items - 15 Years
  • Will not gouge, rip, tear or indent from normal use - 15 Years
  • Will not permanently scuff from shoe soles including sneakers - 15 Years
  • Will not discolor from mold, mildew or alkali - 15 Years
  • Labor costs for years 1 through 15 if professional installation was paid for when the original floor was installed.