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Lake Boden 93122 Robin Red Stanton Woven Carpet

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32489 Lake Boden 93122 Robin Red Stanton Woven Carpet

Stanton Woven Carpet
Style: Lake Boden Color: 93122 Robin Red 
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    • Style: Lake Boden
    • Fiber: 100% Royaltron Polypropylene
    • Width: 13' 2"
    • Pattern Repeat: 4" W X 5" L
    • DURABLE Royaltron™ polypropylene will resist signs of wear, with unique long-lasting fibers.
    • STAIN RESISTANT Royaltron™ polypropylene does not absorb moisture making spills and stains easily removable with normal cleaning agents.
    • COLOR FAST Solution-dyed yarn extrusion is not only safe for the environment; it protects the colors in new carpet from fading and cleaning solvents.
    • Anti-Static Carpets made from Royaltron™ polypropylene fibers are permanently anti-static. No more electric shocks.
    • Anti-Microbial Carpets made from Royaltron™ polypropylene fibers do not support the growth of mites or bacteria.
    • NON TOXIC/ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY All Royaltron™ fiber carpets are free of toxic elements. Because color is "melted in" during production of the fiber, it eliminates the traditional use of large quantities of water for dyeing, contributing to the preservation and the quality of our water.


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