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What is Tavern / Cabin Grade Hardwood Flooring?

Tavern Prefinished wood should lay a serviceable floor. A limited amount of unfilled/unfinished open characters admitted. A limited amount of pieces with finish irregularities such as bubbles, small skips, lines, stain/color variation, surface handling scratches, minor trash, and the like are allowed. 

The following characters are NOT admitted:

Mis-manufactured boards; shattered or rotten ends; large open Knots and other unsound defects of a similar nature; pieces with less than 1 ⁄4 full tongue. Minimum average length 2’. 

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The Price Tavern / Cabin Grade Hardwood Flooring

Tavern / Cabin grade hardwood is normally 15 to 50% cheaper than a comparable first quality product. It is recommended to buy 10 to 15% extra material for waste. You will want to make sure you compare the price of the 1st quality product to really make sure you are saving money with the extra wood you will have to purchase. 

How much Tavern / Cabin Grade Hardwood Flooring Should You Purchase?

It is recommended to buy 10 to 15% extra material for waste. 

Why Should you Buy Tavern / Cabin Grade Hardwood

Tavern / Cabin grade should be purchased when you are trying to work on a tight budget or want a strong rustic looking floor. If you are considering purchasing tavern / cabin grade calculate the total cost with the extra material needed for the tavern / cabin vs the higher priced comparable first quality product

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