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Stainmaster Cushion


Stainmaster Carpet Cushion

We recommend you install the Stainmaster® Carpet Cushion with Odor Guard under any type of carpet. This carpet padding for sale will keep your carpet looking new longer. It will make it easier for you to clean and maintain, and it eliminates any concerns about odor caused by pet accidents as well as most food and beverage spills.


The Foundation for Lasting Carpet Beauty - Enviro Step Carpet Cushion Technology
 30 sq yards per roll
Thickness: 7/16"
Weight: 8 lb.


Odor and Stain Removal Cushion Comparisons

Product has a breathable moisture barrier
Not having a moisture barrier enables spills to get into the cushion allowing for potential damage to the sub floor and recurring "wick up" stains. The hytrel barrier is impermeable and breathable.
Carpet Cushion
Cushion Products
Using Antimicrobials
Yes No
Utilizes powerful, natural enzymer
Enzymes are the only technology in cushion that works continuously to permanently elimnate odors AND stains from the cushion AND the carpet - for as long as it is on the floor!
Yes No
Strong brand-name recognition
Having such a powerful and consumer accepted brand name builds immediate credibility and interest from you customer.
Yes No
Eliminates odors AND stains
While antimicrobial products may help to eliminate mold and mildew, they will NOT do anything for stains. Only the Carpenter system utilizes natural enzymes as an integral part of the moisture barrier.
Yes No
Odor and stain removal spray
Utilizing enzyme technology, this spray is the second part of the cushion "system" which eliminates stains and odors, builds profit margins, and increases customer traffic.
Yes No
  • Odor Guard Technology eliminates odors caused by spills and pet accidents that penetrate the carpet

  • This carpet padding for sale makes cleaning & maintaining carpet is made easier & more effective by utilizing DuPont™ Hytrel® RS renewably sourced moisture barrier, breathable film, which contains a minimum of 20% renewably sourced™ ingredients by weight

  • This carpet padding for sale is made with 100% recycled urethane trim and is 100% recyclable

  • Binder includes natural organic materials, reducing reliance on petroleum based products

  • Hypoallergenic - ozone friendly (no CFC's)

  • Stainmaster® Plus® extends all Stainmaster® Carpet warranties by 3 years

Stainmaster® is guaranteed to lengthen the life of all carpets by absorbing pounding foot traffic, reducing wear and tear as well as, improving the overall comfort level of your carpet. This carpet padding for sale also protects the floor from moisture making spills easier to clean up. ODOR GUARD is an enzyme technology that eliminates odors caused by pet accidents and most food and beverage spills. ODOR GUARD self activates to consume and eliminate any organic substances before they can cause permanent odors. stainmaster-carpet-cushion-2.gif

STAINMASTER™ Carpet Cushion is the only cushion that features the DuPont™ Hytrel® breathable moisture barrier to keep spills from soaking into the cushion so they can be easily removed during cleaning.

STAINMASTER® carpet and STAINMASTER™ carpet cushion form an unbeatable system to keep your carpet fresh, clean and beautiful for years. When spills do happen, STAINMASTER® carpet repels spills and STAINMASTER™ carpet cushion keeps them on top of the cushion so they can be removed completely by extraction cleaning, preventing them from reappearing.

Extends STAINMASTER® Carpet Warranties
If you install STAINMASTER™ carpet cushion with your STAINMASTER® carpet we’ll extend your STAINMASTER® carpet warranty.

By enhancing STAINMASTER® carpet warranties and incorporating advanced technologies, STAINMASTER™ carpet padding for sale is perfect for maintaining beauty that lasts..


Stainmaster® Plus® carpet cushion features an exclusive moisture barrier and ODOR GUARD Technology.

This carpet padding for sale includes ODOR GUARD technology. It works naturally on common stains by activating the system's powerful enzymatic cleaning action.. If a spill penetrates the carpet backing, the technology will continuously and permanently eliminate even the most offensive odors.

Carpet Odor and Spot Remover, featuring ODOR GUARD technology, is the perfect companion to your STAINMASTER PLUS® carpet cushion. It treats spills that do not penetrate the carpet backing. It is safe and effective, but is not recommended for carpets made of cotton or with anti-microbial treatment.
Price CALL FOR PRICE - 32 fl. oz.

Cushion Warranty
This carpet padding for sale carries Carpenter's "Fully Transferable Life of the Home" Warranty. We warrant that our carpet cushion will offer luxurious comfort and outstanding support for as long as you own and reside in your home. If it fails to do this, we (Carpenter) will replace it free of charge, including labor charges.


ODOR GUARD Technology Warranty

Your satisfaction with the ODOR GUARD Technology is guaranteed. STAINMASTER PLUS® carpet cushion is produced with special odor-fighting enzymes that eliminate organic odors. Carpet Odor and Spot Remover removes both odors and stains from carpet and cushion - including difficult organic odors and many common household stains like pet accidents, blood, baby formula, dirt and grass. This system is not effective on airborne odors or non-organic spills such as paint, nail polish, etc.

Tape the seams - Use Duck Tape or any tape that has a moisture barrier.
Do not staple - Stapling pad will void the warranty.
Moisture barrier goes up.