Shag Carpet

Shag Carpet

Shag Carpet makes a beautiful and luxurious floor!  Buy Shag Carpets at wholesale and discount prices.  You can buy from home and save.  We offer nationwide shipping at low shipping rates.  Select your style and color and either email or call us and we will mail you a sample to look at.

Stanton Shag Carpet

 Shag Brilliance
by Stanton Carpet

Shaggy Kasbah by Stanton Carpet

Shaggy Medina by Stanton Carpet

Shaggy Plush by Stanton Carpet

Shag Carpet style Shaggy Shimmer by Stanton Flooring
Shaggy Shimmer
Stanton Shag Carpet

Shag Carpet - Shaggy Sophistication by Stanton CarpetsShaggy Sophistication
Shag Carpet by Stanton 

Shag Carpet - Shaggy Luxe by Stanton Carpets
Shaggy Luxe - Pebble
Stanton Shag Carpet 


Shag Carpet Palo Duro Frieze Carpet style at Georgia Carpet Ind.
Palo Duro

Shag Frieze Carpet


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