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Can Flooring Be Considered Waterproof?

Oftentimes the phrases “waterproof” and “water-resistant” get used interchangeably when talking about flooring. Make sure you are carefully researching the difference in this terminology. It is crucial for you as the consumer to understand. Each term has different levels of protection and knowing the specifics helps you see exactly how your flooring will perform. Both water-resistant and waterproof flooring can handle simple spills and splashes, the difference between the two lies in their construction.


    Water-resistant flooring has a particular element (usually the wear layer or coating) designed to withstand water for a longer amount of time than, say carpet. The top and sides of the planks are protected from water penetration but not the bottom. With hard surfaces, most flooring is able to have some water on top for a while before it will soak through, giving you time to take care of the spill before it can affect the floor itself. The duration for cleanup time is less than waterproof flooring. In water-resistant floors, prolonged moisture can seep between the seams and damage the exposed core. While this is great for everyday messes, if you’re looking into long-term moisture issues (possible flooding, basement, bathroom, etc.) or just want a worry-free experience waterproof is the way to go. Tile and stone are considered to be the original waterproof floors.

    Nowadays we have the technology to create products like waterproof laminate to give you a wood look with the qualities of stone and tile. Waterproof flooring means that it is protected top to bottom, including every joint and seam. This is perfect for bathrooms, basements, and just gives you overall peace of mind for potential flooding or plumbing incidents. Now, this does not mean it will protect your home or sub-floor from water damage, it just means the planks themselves can be dried off and reused instead of having to throw out all your flooring. A few products that fit into this waterproof category are rigid core floorings such as SPC and WPCFloorte Waterproof Hardwood by Shaw is a great example of an SPC core that displays a natural hardwood look, it is the best of both worlds. The SPC core prevents moisture absorption from happening below the plank, suitable for a wide range of humidity/temperatures.

water splashing on flooring

For WPC cores, CoreTec The Original is a great option. If you are leaning towards waterproof luxury vinyl, Mohawk SolidTech is perfect for you. It comes in many designs, built for all climates and rooms. These products easily fit the waterproof category and are available here at Georgia Carpet Industries! Feel free to stop by and talk to us in-store or online at

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