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Magnetic Flooring Solutions 

With the increase in technology, and the flooring consumer constantly changing, the flooring industry is always looking for innovative ways to produce and create new floor ideas that are inexpensive, yet DIY friendly.  The magnetic floor is no exception.  We’ve been frantically fumbling through the waterproof WPC, LVP, Rigid category, trying to expand the ability to sell quality flooring.  The thinking was, how can it get any better for consumers than waterproof, floating vinyl flooring?  Then came magnetic floating floor.  Magnetic flooring is nothing more than just the typical concept of traditional flooring, with a little twist to make it easier to install.  MagneBuild, which is the patented term for an magnetic underlayment system, created by Magnetic Flooring Solutions, is an underlayment laced with magnetic technology that literally uses magnets to hold the flooring product to the underlayment.  The underlayment is just a roll out magnet, that doesn’t require any adhesive or costly locking systems.  What are the limitations?  Nothing.  MBS’s MagneBuild can be used under any flooring product and can actually be retrofitted to existing flooring options.  This will eliminate the need for VOC producing adhesives and formaldehyde, which has plagued the industry over the years with costly settlements from not being CARB PHASE II compliant.  With this technology, installers will easily be able to install entire houses with floating floors, in just a day or two.  Magnetic flooring systems also eliminates the excessive use of construction material, like plastics and polyfoam, which harm the environment if not disposed of properly.  The biggest advantage to a magnetic flooring system, the ability to interchange flooring products throughout the year.  With this product, architects and design firms can use this system for wall tiles as well.  Imagine being able to change the accent color of your wall tiles and flooring every time you have guest over.  Its as simple as pulling the piece off the magnetic underlayment and sticking a piece back up, no force and exertion needed.  Its literally easy enough for a child to do, yet has a bonding strength that surpasses the expectation of collapse.  One major flooring manufacturer, Metroflor, has latched on to the idea of magnetic floors, with the launch of their newest luxury vinyl, rigid product, Attraxion.  Metroflor Attraxion is available in an array of styles and colors AND patterns, offering the consumer speedy installation, air quality and safety, and ability to recycle.  With pre-cut shapes, designers and DIY designers can make and achieve custom looks.  Magnets were around before flooring, so the concept will work.  Its just 2 ideas combined to make one product that’s easy, durable, and affordable.  Its not a cheap flooring option, but its very ATTRACTIVE. 

Magnet Flooring System

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