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Waterproof Flooring - Laminate And Luxury Vinyl

Georgia Carpets | Waterproof Flooring | Life Friendly Fooring

With the market constantly changing, and flooring consumers needing more durable options, the industry has captivated customers with waterproof luxury vinyl tile and plank (LVT, LVP).  When the word vinyl comes to mind, the vision of an old piece of sheeted plastic that is cheap, yet durable with traffic, is prevalent. This is not the case in floor sales anymore. While sheet vinyl is still a desired product, manufacturers have switched gears to a more pleasant, luxury item, in the form of a plank or tile.  We carry several manufacturers, specializing in luxury vinyl flooring. US Floors Coretec Plus is one of the most popular products in the industry with durability, design, luxury, and warranty options. Another promising product is manufactured by Southwind. Their prices are discounted and affordable but the quality is next none.  The leading design manufacturer is by far, Karnedean. With 30 years in the LVP market, they have launched and sold millions of sq/ft, way before the waterproof category existed. Most products on wholesale, still give incredible performance. Georgia Carpets products are always on sale, and our sales staff is ready to assist. With the value of a vinyl floor is the waterproof feature.  We know the importance of waterproofing your house, especially, with children and animals living life as they should. LVP shouldn’t be confused with cheap vinyl, and though it’s not inexpensive, it’s worth the extra cost to have a visually stunning flooring option. A category within the LVT, LVP is the rigid, or rigid core as its sometimes called. A Rigid planked and tiled product is one that has a solid virgin vinyl core with a wear layer atop the core.  Rigid core products consist of a locking system, enabling you to install over existing floors, other than carpet, which cuts the overall installation cost down. Most Do-It-Yourself (DIY) homeowners can easily and confidently install rigid and luxury products without reinventing the wheel. Georgia Carpet Industries has been bringing value, and leading the industry in luxury plank and tile flooring options since 1969.



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