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Magnetic Flooring Solutions 

Georgia Carpet is always looking to bring you the latest and greatest flooring. More recently, we’ve added magnetic flooring to our extensive collection. Now you may be wondering, what is magnetic flooring? What category does it fall under in terms of flooring? Magnetic flooring is essentially LVP that is installed with a magnetic underlayment.  Read More...

Planks or tile styles have trace amounts of iron in their backing that help them stick securely onto the underlayment. In other words, magnets located in the underlayment attract a receptive layer in the floor planks. This magnetic attraction forms a secure bond that locks the flooring into place. Just like how your refrigerator magnets work, there are negative and positive sides that connect to make beautiful, unique flooring. The weight of the planks and magnetic properties keep your floor from sliding around while providing commercial-grade durability. For those searching for inexpensive yet DIY-friendly flooring, magnetic is the way to go. It’s renter and even college dorm friendly. You simply roll out the underlayment and arrange your flooring accordingly. No adhesive or locking systems are needed, and for extra peace of mind, you can use a special tape for the underlayment to add extra waterproof protection.

Magnetic flooring is also more sustainable and cleaner since it eliminates the need for VOC-producing adhesives and formaldehyde. It also limits construction materials, like plastics and polyfoam, which harm the environment if not disposed of properly. Not only that, you have some of the easiest installations and can interchange flooring styles whenever you want. It's as simple as pulling the piece off the magnetic underlayment and sticking a new piece back up, with no force and exertion needed.  It's easy enough for a child to do. One major flooring manufacturer, Metroflor, has latched on to the idea of magnetic floors with the launch of their newest luxury vinyl, rigid product, Attraxion.  Metroflor Attraxion is available in an array of styles, colors, and patterns, offering the consumer speedy installation, air quality and safety, and the ability to recycle. It has outstanding commercial durability, holding up to 900 lbs/PSI. With pre-cut shapes, designers and DIY designers can make and achieve custom looks. Look no further than magnetic flooring for an easy, durable, affordable product!

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