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Tarkett Progen Plus Luxury Vinyl

Coming Soon!

What Is It?

If you are familiar with the Tarkett Progen, performance, styles, look, etc, then you will be impressed with the Tarkett Progen Plus.  The original Tarkett Progen is known for its superior performance against heavy daily life.  That includes kids and pets.  The Progen is waterproof and is resistant to buckling, cupping, denting and warping.  It comes with a beefy 20 mil wear layer that supports a limited lifetime residential warranty and a 15 year light commercial warranty.  The regular Progen comes in a 7" wide plank and long 60" lengths.  The great aspect of the Tarkett Progen Plus is that it has the same attributes as the regular Progen, yet has wider widths and longer lengths.  So, same performance and better styling options.  Wide widths are great for medium to large sized rooms.  The reason: less boards in a room means less joint lines to distract the wandering eye.  It enhances the room.  The lengths play in to this same point.  In the design sector, wider and longer is typically a more desired look.

If you have have enjoyed the Tarkett Progen, then you will definitely enjoy the Progen Plus.  When this product is fully released, Georgia Carpet will have that information here, with competitive pricing.  Until then, check out the standard Progen.  Buy Where The Dealers Buy.  Georgia Carpet Industries.