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Healthcare Flooring

Are you looking for colorful, slip-resistant, natural-looking, soft and easy-to-clean floor?

Floor coverings manufactured today stand up to heavy, around the clock use, they are durable, have low maintenance and help aid with infection prevention. 

Our healthcare flooring products manufactured by Karndean, Mannington, Philadelphia, Shaw, Bolyu, Bliss and others all offer new options for high-traffic areas.  New colors and patterns that help provide the solution to a more home-like interior that provides a non-institutional looking facility for long term care centers.   Solutions like carpet tiles, hard surface products, and luxury vinyl floors that have designs & patterns that look like stone, slate, wood and ceramic tile.  

Environmental design plays a role in the wellness of patients.  Designing your facility with flooring that provides a welcome space to public areas and patient rooms is a key element to adding warmth and a healing environment. 

Choose from our large selection of flooring products shown below.  If the product you are looking for is not shown, please call 1-800-510-0655 for information.