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Residential And Commercial Discount Carpet

For those who are looking for luxury and a soft cushion in their step, carpet is a great choice.  You can even find carpet that is designed to withstand spills such as wine and coffee, as well as resist soil that is tracked in by family and friends.  Not only is carpet a warm, soft choice for comfort-seeking homeowners, but also brings an array of style and colors to the floor.  Instead of the painting on the wall, why not draw visitors attention to the latest style of flooring.  This is the best choice carpet can offer.

Discount Carpet Through The Ages

Carpeting in today's culture is the equivalent of the invention of the wheel in life when it comes to flooring. After hundreds of grueling years, laboriously installing hardwood flooring, as opposed to the cheaper, dirt floor, carpeting was created. The concept of carpeting dates back to the Persian Empire in the form of rugs or area rugs. Always seeking the approval of the divine, prayer rugs were common and became a construct of comfortable beauty. Since the beginning of rugs, wholesale carpet has transformed the face of American culture, building such great names as Shaw, and Mohawk Industries. Soft carpeting is made of fibers that are dyed, bound, and seared to give a comfortable, luxurious, colorful flooring appearance. Tufting, as its called, is the process of combining the dyed fibers on to a backing. These process, combined creates inexpensive carpet. Carpet is installed over a pad, typically made of recycled plastics. Many companies are taking the eco-friendly approach and make carpet from recycled bottles, which save 30-60% of the worlds natural resources. Though the flooring company industry prides itself in all types of fibers, nylon and polyester are the most common carpeting fibers. Nylon is more durable but is not as stain-resistant, while polyester is just the opposite, more stain-resistant, and less durable. Now Smart Strand, a fiber created by Mohawk industries, touts a stronger, more stain-resistant carpet. In any case, carpet manufacturing companies like Dream Weaver, Karastan, and Phenix produce carpet. You can buy soft carpeting at our Dalton, GA location, at discounted rates, making wholesale carpet the most budget-friendly of all flooring types. Georgia Carpet Industries, one of the top US flooring carpet shops, is leading the charge in carpet sales, and budget flooring solutions.  Contact us for a free carpet quote.

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