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Durkan Hospitality

Durkan Hospitality Carpets

Durkan Hospitality Carpets

With their Innovative Print Technology, Durkan knows that color, styling, and design determines the entire look and feel of a space. To ensure their designs look superb, Durkan uses the most advanced method of printing with its Spectronics technology.

This completely digital printing system is capable of reproducing elaborate patterns and minute details with extreme precision, extraordinary line definition and color saturation. It also allows for the most flexible design options - up to 12 colors in a pattern, repeats up to 100 feet long and 60 feet wide, multiple widths, and the most comprehensive line of base grades to suit any specification. Durkan also offers over 1000 colors in its pom boxes for you to design with. Durkan offers the most comprehensive selection of designs in a multitude of categories from the very traditional to ultra modern and niche categories.  Begin your search here and unleash your creativity!

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