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Artificial Turf Grass

Looking for artificial grass and turf grass products for sale? You're in the right place. You can buy where the dealers buy, and get the best prices and the best selection of turf carpet in the industry. Georgia Carpet offers many different kinds of outdoor grass carpets, including landscaping turf, turf for sports, pet-friendly outdoor turf carpet and options for golf and putting greens. Our full line of indoor/outdoor turf is available on our website at wholesale pricing. Read More...

We buy our turf direct from manufacturers that are ideal for batting cages, football fields - even for your home's landscaping. We understand that not every climate is conducive to growing naturally lush, green grass. However, that green aesthetic is still highly desirable. Many places, such as in deserts or highly arid climates, can't produce the extravagant amount of water needed to keep grass looking green and lush. No matter where you live, you deserve the look and the feel of beautiful green vegetation that beckons onlookers to admire your landscape. 

Beautiful, Maintenance-Free Artificial Grass

Does artificial grass offer enough benefits to warrant its cost? After all, grass grows back each year for free. However, when you take the cost of water, irrigation system upkeep, seeds, fertilizer and other maintenance needs into account, fake grass is definitely an affordable option. Even cheap turf can give a home in Arizona a year-round green yard for a few hundred dollars.

The Benefits of Artificial Turf

You'll not only enjoy the long-lasting, always-green beauty that grass carpet can provide, but you'll also appreciate the ease in which this outdoor carpeting option can be cleaned, which is especially important for pet owners. All it takes is a water hose! This carpet features drainage slots that allow the dirty, soiled water to run through the backing and into the ground.

Landscaping isn't the only use for artificial grass. Many of our business customers opt for artificial turf in batting cages and sports training facilities. Plastic turf, both virgin and recycled, can be easily tufted using plastic. The turf "blades" are then sewn onto a synthetic plastic backing. The result? Waterproof turf that maintains its color for many years to come. As the seasons change, your yard doesn't have to! 

Thank you for visiting Georgia Carpet's selection of synthetic turf grass carpet products, which includes our in-house Georgia Carpet brand as well as industry giants such as Shaw Industries. Georgia Carpet has the largest stock of turf carpet around, both in North Georgia and online. Nationwide shipping is available and we're always here to help you find the grass rug and outdoor grass carpeting that's just right for your outdoor needs. Check out the multitude of applications that artificial grass can be used for below.

Kinds of Turf:

Landscaping Turf

If years of high-water prices, fussy irrigation systems and difficult mowing and other maintenance woes have worn you out, outdoor grass carpeting is a viable, affordable option. Yes, you can have that backyard space you've always dreamed of. We are here to help you create your perfect yard. Because nearly 90% of backyard landscape projects are do-it-yourself, this turf grass offers a one-and-done ease that our customers love. Choose from Real Grass  turf from Grasstex Turf, which is a beautiful artificial turf option that looks like the real deal. Check out our entire selection of artificial landscape turf grass for sale on our easy-to-navigate website that offers a huge range of colors and styles.

Sports Turf

Ideal for sports applications like bocce ball, indoor soccer, tennis courts and batting cages, our selection of artificial grass is a cost-effective way to avoid the wear and tear that constant foot traffic and sporting equipment can cause. These lawn turf for-sale products can be installed either indoors or outdoors.

Artificial Pet Turf 

We know you love your pets. You may not love, however, that your real grass easily shows wear patterns that can happen with pet ownership. It's easy to create a designated area for your best friend to play in. Our fake grass options are great for pet owners to keep them safe and happy. The durable, long-lasting artificial pet turf construction lends itself to high wear applications, such as kennels.

Golf Course Grass & Putting Greens

Create tee lines and beautify backyard settings with putting greens. You can also make teaching facilities, par 3 and full-size courses look beautiful with our artificial grass options that are ideal for golf lovers.